Omar Tabuni

Advocacy Manager

Omar Tabuni has worked with law firms and non profits on matters rights human rights litigation and advocacy, focusing on bringing justice in favor of the victims of human rights violations and advocating for congress and US government to center its foreign policy around human rights and a consistent pro-democracy foreign policy. Tabuni, has led a team assisting Attorney Faisal Gill in a TVPA claim in the Virginia District Court, serving defendant Khalifa Hafter, US citizen and Libyan public figure. This involved drafting a complaint for killing, degrading treatment, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. His work has been mentioned in the NYT, WP, NBC, AP, WSJ, and The Guardian.

Prior to joining TUN, Tabuni played a leadership with the Libyan American Alliance advocating for the Libya Stabilization Act bill (LSA). In unity with members of the Libyan American community, he launched a grassroots campaign to support the bill in key districts. The bill was cosponsored in the House by Chairman Ted Deutch and ranking member Rep. Joe Wilson. The Act successfully passed the House in 2020. He continued to work vehemently in favor of the LSA bill and NDAA legislations, fostering relations and advocating in partnership with over 30 congressional offices for passing the most up to date amendments of the LSA bill and other legislations promoting human rights and Stability in Libya.

Tabuni also cofounded Diversity Policy a Tech Start up for higher education that helps increase compliance and lower liability related to university policy and the evolving legal environment.